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Liquid SPARTAN-15 ml

Liquid SPARTAN-15 ml

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Troyano sexual invigorating supplement More power more Duration Male enhancement. Full bottles of Troyano juice Male Enhancement. This amazing all natural juice will help you get a strong erection by bringing more blood flow to your penis, and helping you 100% with your performance when having sex. Try Troyano juice and you will be 100% satisfied, your partner will thank you, and you will also last a lot longer. With Troyano juice you will revisit that young stud that you once were!


HOW TO USE IT: Shake well before use and drink it 25 to 30 minutes before having sex and drink a little glass of water or juice right after swallowing the product (to get it fully in your system). VERY IMPORTANT: Drink one entire bottle as needed (not more than one in a 24 hour period).

For stronger, longer lasting erections. 


Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

NOTE: If you have any headaches or side-effects from this all-natural tonic please discontinue use. This product will give you more then 24 Hrs. of (natural pure energy). 


You should not have any side effects but if you do please discontinue use. If you choose to use again, try  using  half the bottle  per dose as this is more powerful than the Nectar del amor. 


2 bottles for $15 each

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