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Couple's Surprise Love Journal

Couple's Surprise Love Journal

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Create a love-filled keepsake you both will treasure

How do you capture everything that says “what I love about you” in a single gift? 100 Things I Love About You combines fill-in-the-blanks, loving lists, and freeform storytelling to help you immortalize your special relationship and share with your partner.

Through short, evocative prompts, this playful love journal will have you reflecting on moments big and small, writing heartfelt sentiments, and reliving joyful details and fond memories.

  • My favorite way you show me love is _________________
  • If I could teleport us to one place, it would be _________________
  • Our best date was the time we _________________
  • A day I wish we could relive over and over again is _________________
  • Plus 96 more ways to express “what I love about you”


Packed with inspiration and whimsy, 100 Things I Love About You makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, any romantic occasion, or just because.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create a uniquely personal gift that declares: “This is truly what I love about you!”

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