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Adult Adventure

Multi moaning masturbator

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The Product
Multi-process manufacturing to create superb quality!
【Transparent visible window】Can clearly see your penis thrust inside more exciting visual impact.
【4D channel】Safe, Flexible and it Touches Skin-friendly and Smooth with Lifelike Design.
【Transparent silica gel】Very comfortable touch feeling.
【Voice Interaction】6-axis wrap around, voice everything so beautiful and passionate.
【165°Rotate】Easy to adjust.
【Powerful sucker】Flexible Easy to use.
【10 Scientific Reasonable Pulse Vibration】4D particles massage the corpus cavernosum, can effectively dredge the blocked cells and awaken the power of the penis.
【Pulse vibration ]Scientific training effect is promoting your blood circulation to reorganize sensitive cells inside the sausage, then effectively increasing its working time,increase your control over climax.
【Simple and Handheld Male Toy】which combines waterproof, high-quality silicone material, convenient USB charging and safe vibration mode.The Simple and light is easy to clean.
Must know and do
1.Before you use, please charge the masturbator cup fully ,so as not to affect your normal use
2.Before inserting,please put enough lubricant into the sleeve liner
3.When clean up the sleeve ,please use water below 40 degrees
4.Changing output voltage ≤5V
Warm tips:
1.Use with water-based lubricants only
2.Please do not use the item when it is charging
3.If the item can not be on, it may run out of battery, please charge it fully
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